Uniform Accessories

Windbreaker, black

a. Type. The windbreaker is an optional purchase item.

b. Description. The black windbreaker is made of polyester and wool (65/35), in Army shade 458, and has a Velcro- in liner. The officer windbreaker has a knit collar, cuffs, and waist. The enlisted windbreaker has a standard collar, knit cuffs and waist. Female windbreakers have bust darts. Females are authorized to wear the female or male windbreakers (see fig 27.17).

c. How worn. All personnel may wear the windbreaker with the class B, hospital duty, and food service uniforms. Personnel will not wear the windbreaker in formations unless authorized by the commander. Personnel will wear the windbreaker zipped to at least the second button down from the top of the shirt. Only non-subdued, pin-on grade insignia is worn on the windbreaker. Personnel may wear the windbreaker without insignia when wearing civilian clothing.



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