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Top 10 AR670-1 Compliant Army Sunglasses and Ballistic Glasses

In the army, sunglasses are a necessity, especially in sunny weather across the world. It’s important to find the best in sunglasses that not only protect your eyes during stressful times, but also comply with the AR670-1 army guide. You should invest in one of the top 10 ar670 compliant sun glasses and ballistic glasses that will keep your eyes focused and strain free. In this piece, you will find some of the sunglasses that are best for outdoor activities.

Honeywell Genesis XC Ballistic Safety Glasses


It sets a standard for more comfort and coverage in the field

Its design provides over 180 degrees of the peripheral coverage

Its balanced Multi-Material Technology (MMT) offers exceptional comfort

The RX lens feature gives an option for people who need vision correction


Vertically the lenses may be slimmer

The part that sits on your ear may start to wear down after prolonged use\

ESS Eyewear Ice 3LS Eyeshield Kit


Offers a 100 percent UVB or UVA protection

It surpasses ANSI Z87 regulations

It is very lightweight

Has a frameless eye shield structure which provides a blend of impact resistance


It may not fit properly on bigger heads

Revision Exoshield Extreme Low Profile Eyewear w/ Solar Lens 

Revision Exoshield Extreme Low Profile Eyewear w/ Solar Lens


They are comfortable to wear

Its material is the best that you can find

They have an anti-fog cloth to improve your vision

They are multi-purpose


The anti-fog cloth is wears down after lots of uses

Revision Sawly: Military Kit


Offers protection from debris, blow-back, and UV rays

Treated on either side with special coatings to minimize fogging and prevent scratches

Its ultra-thin arms and light frame ensure a good fit with the hearing protection

Lens offers maximum protection from high impact


The retention strap could be uncomfortable for some people

The fit may also be too tight

Wiley X Valor Men’s Sunglasses



Its smoke lenses are the perfect level of dark

They have various applications

They are scratch resistant


They are quite costly

The end of its arms can fit too tightly

Smith Optics Elite Aegis Arc Compact Eyeshield Field Kit


The lens tapered technology will correct distortion

Has a clear vision with no distortion


Comes with a carrying case and two lenses


The headband could lose elasticity over time

May not fit as firmly as possibly

Wiley X AirRage Sunglasses


Has shatterproof lenses

They sit on your face, not the nose

They can be used for various outdoor activities

They offer double safety


They are not too dark

They lack the silver glass finish that many other sunglasses contain

Oakley M-Frame 2.0 Ballistic Sunglasses



APEL approved

Offers a lot of eye protection

They hold firmly on your face


  1. May be difficult to swap lenses
  2. It’s a bit more expensive than other sunglasses

ESS Eyewear Crossbow Suppressor One Sunglasses


Excellent lens quality

Flexible arms

Extremely clear lenses

Very light

Great bang for the buck


  1. May be loose on the face
  2. Has a shorter bow

Gatorz Magnum Aluminum Sunglasses


Has anti-scratch coating

It has impact resistant lenses

Sturdy and durable

Very lightweight


The lens may easily scratch

They may not fit tightly depending on size of head

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