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Top 10 AR670-1 Compliant Army Belts

Having a good belt for the armed forces, such as a tactical belt, is important. They came in handy when carrying vital equipment at an easy reach. Most of these items are beneficial to your welfare and of those you are trying to help. In situations like police actions rescue and search, military combat, camping, and hunting, it’s extremely important to have everything of the highest quality. To have the best AR670-1 compliant belt, you have to ensure they can hold your items as you adhere to your task. Your equipment could include knives, guns, ropes, flashlight, and a communication radio. Your belts should not be just strong, it’s good if you have a nice looking belt too. Below are the Top 10 AR670-1 compliant belts that you should consider when looking for a tactical belt.

Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger’s Belt with D Ring Buckle


It can handle pouches, ammo, and guns

Has an extremely strong buckle

The design of the snap attachment is very quick to use

It has a great snap style

Multiple color variants for all situations


Its buckle is large, therefore, may not fit small loops

Blue Alpha Cobra Gear 1.5” EDC Belt


Low profile AR670 belt, therefore, not too wide


It is a strong belt and holds gear such as heavy handguns

Disengaging and engaging its buckle is easy

Comes in multiple colors


The buckle could be too large to fit small loops

This belt requires you to undo one clasp when you want to use it

Hanks Gunner Full Grain Tactical Belt


Has a great look

It lasts for a lifetime

You can design it to carry equipment like guns

It has the correct size


It has a conventional buckle which may not suit other sizes

A bit more expensive than other belts

Men’s Web Belt GRIP6 Classic Series Golf Belt Strap


Looks good

Exact fitting belt


Very tough

Cheaper than most other belts


Requires practice to get used to tying and clasping

Stiff at first, before breaking in the belt

Blackhawk Rigger’s QCB belt


Handles all types of items





Stiff at first

Metal detectors will detect the metal buckle

5.11 TDU Tactical Belt, Non-Metal, 1.5-inch

5.11 TDU Tactical Belt, Non-Metal, 1.5-inch, Style 59551


Very strong

Multipurpose belt

Ideal for traveling by air



Not best for big handguns

Buckle sticks out from your waist a little more than other belts

CONDOR Tactical Belt


Very comfortable

Fully adjustable

Extremely long lasting

It’s easy to release the plastic buckle

Convenient with the metal detectors


Looks a little more serious than other belts, less inconspicuous

The buckle could easily break

MISSION ELITE Heavy Duty EDC Tactical Belt – Two-Layer Reinforced Nylon with No Metal


Can carry heavy equipment

Casual look for normal use

Convenient with the metal detectors

Very tough therefore lasts long


Maybe stiff because of the double layer

Maybe hard while tightening it up

Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Webbing Riggers Belt with Lightweight Heavy-Duty Metal Buckle


It can hold all your equipment because it’s very strong

Lasts for a lifetime

Has a casual look

It is adjustable


The elastic loop could fall off if you take the belt off tightly

The belt buckle is metal which means the belt is a tad heavier than other belts

Propper Tactical Duty Belt


Has a casual look, therefore, you can use it with your normal pants

Very comfortable

Has an exact fit

Convenient with the metal detectors

It lasts longer


Can only handle a small amount of equipment

The stitching looks a bit messy

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