Wear of Insignia and Accouterments

General description

a. Material. Insignia will meet the approved military specifications and conform to proper color designation (gold, silver, or subdued). Officers may wear embroidered insignia in lieu of non-subdued metal insignia on mess and evening mess uniforms. All personnel may wear either subdued embroidered cloth insignia or subdued metal insignia on utility uniforms; they may not mix the two. Subdued embroidered insignia is on a cloth backing and will not be embroidered directly on the uniform. Personnel may not wear embroidered, sew-on subdued insignia on organizational items, unless otherwise specified in this regulation. Subdued, embroidered insignia for woodland camouflage uniforms is black block lettering or appropriate design, on olive-green cloth backing. For desert camouflage uniforms, it is spice-brown block lettering, or appropriate design, on khaki cloth backing.
b. Attachment. Personnel will attach insignia on the uniform so that it rests firmly without turning. Soldiers will ensure that embroidered cloth insignia is sewn on the uniform so the stitching blends inconspicuously with the background material.