Army Green Service Uniform—Male

Shirt, Long- and Short-Sleeved

a. The clothing bag (issue) shirt is a pre-cured durable press, 65/35 polyester and cotton broadcloth shirt, AG shade 415, in short- and long-sleeved versions. (See figs 15.7, 15.8, and 15.9.) The shirt is a dress type with shoulder loops, a seven-button front, and two pleated pockets with button-down flaps.

b. Soldiers are authorized to wear the optional purchase polyester/wool short-sleeved (AG shade 469) and long- sleeved (AG shade 428) shirts. In accordance with care instructions provided on the shirts, soldiers may not starch or bleach the AG shades 415, 428, or 469 shirts.

c. Soldiers are authorized to wear the short- and long-sleeved shirts with the class A coat, black unisex pullover and cardigan sweaters, and the windbreaker.

(1) Soldiers must wear a black four-in-hand necktie when wearing the short- or long-sleeved shirt with the class A coat, or when wearing the long-sleeved shirt as an outer garment without the class A coat. They have the option of wearing a tie when the short-sleeved shirt is worn as an outer garment.

(2) Soldiers have the option of wearing a tie when they wear the short- or long-sleeved shirts with the pullover sweater or cardigan sweaters. If a tie is worn with the pullover or cardigan sweaters, soldiers will wear the collar of the shirt inside the sweater. If no tie is worn with the pullover sweater, the collar is worn outside. If no tie is worn with the cardigan sweater, soldiers may wear the collar inside or outside the sweater. Soldiers may wear the cardigan sweater buttoned or unbuttoned while indoors, but they must button it when outdoors.




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