Army Green Service Uniform—Male


a. Beret (para 3–2b(1)). (See figs 15–2 and 15–3.)
b. Garrison cap, Army green. (See figs 15–4 and 15–6.)
(1) Design. The cap will be made from an approved specification or pattern.
(2) Ornamental braid. Garrison cap braid refers to the piping that is secured to the tip edge of the curtain of the
garrison cap, and that is used for additional identification purposes. For junior and senior ROTC cadets, the cap has a cord edge braid of the same material as the cap, in AG shade 489 or 491.
(3) Wear. The beret became the standard headgear for class A and B Army green service uniforms, and the enlisted Army green dress uniform, on 14 June 2001.
(4) Proper wear position.
(a) See para 3–5 for wear policy on the beret.
(b) The garrison cap is worn with the front vertical crease of the cap centered on the forehead in a straight line with
the nose, with the front lower portion of the cap approximately 1 inch above the eyebrows (approximately the width of the first two fingers). The cap is placed on the head in such a manner that the front and rear vertical creases and the top edge of the crown form unbroken lines in silhouette, and so the ridge of the cap is parallel to the ground while standing at attention. Personnel will not crush or shape the crown of the cap to form peaks at the top front or top rear of the cap.