Wear of Insignia and Accouterments

Leaders identification insignia

a. Leaders in all units (Active Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserves), regardless of unit category (MTOE or TDA), will wear the leaders identification (LI) insignia
b. The following specific leaders are authorized to wear the leaders identification insignia. (1) Commanders.
(2) Deputy commanders.
(3) Platoon leaders.
(4) Command sergeants major. (5) First sergeants.
(6) Platoon sergeants.
(7) Section leaders.
(8) Squad leaders and tank commanders.
(9) Team leaders.
(10) Assistant SF detachment commanders.
(11) SF operational detachment “B” sergeants major.
(12) SF operational detachment “A” senior sergeants.
c. The LI insignia is a green cloth loop, 15⁄8 inches wide, worn in the middle of both shoulder loops on the Army
green coat, the cold-weather coat (field jacket) and on the center tab of the extended cold-weather clothing system (ECWCS) (Gortex) parka. When the LI is worn on the parka, personnel wear their grade insignia centered on the LI. Personnel may wear pin-on grade insignia, or they may sew onto the LI the same cloth grade insignia that is worn on the collars of the utility uniform (see fig 28–137).
d. Personnel will not wear the LI when reassigned from a command position or from an organization designated above, or when taking an official photo.