Wear of Insignia and Accouterments

Branch scarves

a. General. Personnel may wear branch scarves with service and utility uniforms, only when issued and prescribed by the local commander for ceremonial occasions.
b. Description. These scarves are a bib-type design in the following colors, for wear by personnel as indicated. (1) Black: chaplain.
(2) Brick red: transportation.
(3) Buff: supply, quartermaster, supply and service, supply and transportation, and support.
(4) Cobalt blue: chemical.
(5) Crimson: ordnance and maintenance.
(6) Dark blue: National Guard Bureau, Judge Advocate General, Inspector General and Adjutant General.
(7) Green: Military Police and staff specialist.
(8) Infantry Blue: Infantry.
(9) Jungle green: Special Forces.
(10) Maroon: Army medical specialist, Nurse, Dental, Medical, Medical Service, and Veterinary Corps.
(11) Orange: signal.
(12) Oriental blue: intelligence.
(13) Purple: civil affairs.
(14) Scarlet: artillery, engineers and permanent professors, registrar and civilian instructors of the U.S. Military
(15) Silver gray: finance.
(16) Teal blue: branch immaterial.
(17) Ultramarine blue: aviation.
(18) Yellow: armor and cavalry.
(19) Camouflage: as determined by local commander.
c. Branch scarves are provided without cost to all personnel, when prescribed for wear.