Green Maternity Service Uniform

General guidelines

a. The Army green maternity service uniform is intended for wear during most duty, non-field occasions, and for travel and off-duty purposes. While both the class A and B Army green maternity uniforms are authorized for year- round wear, the appropriate uniform is worn based on weather conditions, duties, and the formality of the occasion. When a specific service uniform is not prescribed for formations or other occasions when uniformity in appearance is required, soldiers may wear the class A or any of the variations of the class B uniform, with the accessories authorized for these uniforms. Those awards and decorations that cannot be worn properly because of size or configuration will not be worn on the AG shade 415 shirt. Commanders will not require the wear of optional items, such as cardigan sweaters, unless such items are provided to the soldier without cost.

b. This uniform is worn with the maternity shirt left outside the skirt and slacks, with or without the maternity tunic. Pregnant soldiers may wear the black all-weather coat unbuttoned, if necessary. Only soldiers authorized to wear the tan, green, or maroon berets, those assigned to Air Assault coded positions, and MPs performing MP duties may wear bloused slacks with black leather combat boots. Figures 17.1 and 17.2 show the class A and B Army green maternity uniform.




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