Wear of Decorations, Service Medals, Badges, Unit Awards, and Appurtenances

Wear of multiple neck ribbons, broad sashes, and stars

a. An individual awarded more than one decoration that includes a broad ribbon, sash, or star, will wear only one broad ribbon or sash, and no more than four stars at one time. The Presidential Medal of Freedom broad ribbon with badge and star has precedence over all other broad ribbons, sashes, or stars. Stars are worn above the waistline on the side, as described by the awarding country (see figs 29–11 and 29–12). Stars are worn as follows:
(1) Two stars. Along side or above the first star.
(2) Three stars. In a triangle, with the point of the triangle up.
(3) Four stars. The fourth star is centered beneath the triangle of three stars.
b. An individual may not wear more than two decorations with neck ribbons at one time. The decoration with the
highest precedence is worn suspended above the other. The Medal of Honor takes precedence over all other decorations with neck ribbons (see figs 29–6, 29–9, and 29–10).