Uniformity of material

a. When soldiers exercise their option to choose among various fabrics authorized for uniforms, they must ensure that all garments (coats, trousers, skirts, and slacks) are made of the same material. However, junior and senior ROTC cadets may wear garrison caps made of polyester-wool blend (AG shade 489) or all polyester (AG shade 491) interchangeably with service uniforms of either shade.
b. When gold lace (sleeve or trouser ornamentation) or gold bullion is prescribed for wear with uniforms, personnel may substitute gold-colored nylon, rayon, or synthetic metallic gold. If trouser and sleeve ornamentation is gold bullion, the cap ornamentation and shoulder strap insignia must also be gold bullion.
c. Ornamentation on the visors of all service caps will be gold bullion or synthetic metallic gold yarn, or anodized aluminum in 24–karat yellow-gold color.
d. Anodized aluminum white-gold colored buttons are not authorized for wear.