Army Green Service Uniform—Female

Slacks, Army green

a. Design. The slacks will be made from an approved specification or pattern.
b. General description.
(1) The slacks are straight legged, have a zipper front closure on the center front with a button fly tab, and two side
pockets. These slacks are authorized for wear until 30 September 2003.
(2) Newly designed slacks replace the older style as of 1 October 2003. The newer design incorporates belt loops
and a non-slip waistband. When wearing the slacks with belt loops with the tuck-in versions of the AG shade 415 blouse, personnel will wear a 1-inch black web belt with brass tip, and a 11⁄8 inch yellow brass buckle. Soldiers are not required to wear a belt when wearing the new style slacks with the overblouse version of the AG shade 415 blouse.
c. Slack leg ornamentation. Ornamental braid is sewn on each outside seam of the slack leg, from the bottom of the waistband to the bottom of the slack leg, as follows:
(1) General officers. Each slack leg has two 1⁄2-inch-wide black mohair, polyester, or mercerized cotton braids sewn 1⁄2 inch apart.
(2) Other officers. Each leg has one braid, 1 inch wide, made of black mohair, polyester, or mercerized cotton braid. (3) Enlisted personnel. The slack leg is plain.