Army White Uniform—Male

Service cap, Army white

a. Design. The cap will be made from an approved specification or pattern, in a standard Army design. Officers have the option of wearing the cap frame with a removable cover made of the same material as the rest of the uniform.
b. Visor and visor ornamentation. The visor is plain black leather, or poromeric with a leather finish. The visor ornamentation is as follows.
(1) General and field grade officers. The top of the visor is black cloth with two arcs of oak leaves in groups of two, embroidered in gold bullion, synthetic metallic gold-colored yarn, or manufactured from anodized aluminum in 24–karat gold color.
(2) Company grade officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel. The top of the visor is plain black shell cordovan or shell cordovan-finish leather, resin treated, with a waterproof edge.
c. Chinstrap and chinstrap ornamentation. The chinstrap consists of two straps, each 1⁄2 inch in width by 10 inches in length, with one end of each strap forming a slide, and the other end of each strap fastened to the cap at each end of the visor. The chinstrap ornamentation is as follows.
(1) Officers. The chinstrap is natural or light brown, full-grain pigskin or sheepskin, non-bleeding, with pointed ends covered with two-vellum gold wire lace, synthetic metallic gold-colored lace, or a one-piece strap manufactured from anodized aluminum in 24–karat gold color.
(2) Enlisted personnel. The chinstrap is plain black leather matching the visor in appearance, with rounded ends. Poromeric with a leather finish is authorized.
d. Hatband. All personnel will wear a white mercerized cotton braid or white mohair braid hatband, 13⁄4 inches in width, around the entire outside rim of the cap, with the bottom edge of the hatband covered with black cloth.
e. Cap insignia. Insignia is worn on the Army white service cap secured through the front eyelet. The service cap insignia is described in paragraph 28–3b.
f. Wear.
(1) All male personnel will wear the Army white service cap with the Army white uniform and the white mess and the white evening mess uniforms.
(2) Personnel are not required to wear headgear when wearing the Army white uniform to evening social functions (after retreat). However, on all other occasions, personnel will wear headgear with this uniform.
g. Proper wear position. The service cap is worn straight on the head so that the white hatband on the cap creates a straight line around the head, parallel to the ground. Such positioning automatically positions the visor correctly, so that it does not interfere with vision or ride up on the forehead. Personnel will not alter the shape of the service cap in any manner.