Responsibilities of soldiers purchasing uniforms, uniform items, and heraldic items

a. Soldiers purchasing uniforms, uniform items, or heraldic items from establishments other than the Army military clothing sales store (AMCSS) must ensure that the items are authorized for wear and that they conform to appropriate military specifications or are manufactured in accordance with the UQCP or the heraldic quality control system. When items appear deficient, soldiers should submit a SF 368 (Product Quality Deficiency Report) through their servicing MCSS, where forms are available. Commercially purchased items that are authorized for wear in lieu of military-issue items must conform to the basic specification of the military-issue item, unless otherwise specified in this regulation.
(1) All Army uniforms, uniform items, and heraldic items procured by the Defense Logistics Agency and sold in the AMCSS are procured in accordance with appropriate military specifications and are authorized for wear. However, in those MCSS with multi-service support agreements, some items are sold that are authorized for wear by members of other services, but not by Army personnel. Soldiers are responsible for verifying with their chain of command which items are authorized for wear by Army personnel. Uniform items with defects in workmanship or material should be returned to the AMCSS for replacement or repair.
(2) Optional uniforms and other uniform clothing items sold in the MCSS, in post exchanges, or by commercial sources will contain a label, stamp, or certificate issued by the textile technology team at the Natick Soldier Center. Components of some optional uniforms, such as men’s commercial white shirts, studs, and cuff links, are not included in the UQCP.
(3) All heraldic items purchased from a post exchange, AMCSS, or commercial source will contain a hallmark or label certifying that the item was produced in accordance with the appropriate military specification by a manufacturer certified by TIOH, U.S. Army.
(4) All individuals purchasing uniform or insignia items from commercial sources must take care to ensure that the items conform to the requirements in 2–7a(1–3), above.
b. All enlisted personnel will do the following:
(1) Maintain their clothing bag items and any supplemental clothing items they are issued, as prescribed in AR 700–84 or CTA 50–900.
(2) Ensure that their uniforms and insignia conform with this regulation.
c. All officers will procure and maintain the uniforms and accessories appropriate to their assigned duties. Appendix C lists the minimum quantities of uniforms and other items normally prescribed by commanders for officers. (Note exceptions for officers on extended active duty for less than 6 months.) Officers are responsible for ensuring that their uniforms and insignia conform to specifications in this regulation.