Uniform Accessories

Military Police accessories

a. Type. MP accessories are organizational issue items.
b. Description.
(1) Badge, Military Police.
(2) Belt, black leather, 21⁄4 inches wide, with a buckle.
(3) Brassards, dark blue or black, non-subdued; olive green, subdued. (4) Carrier, club ring.
(5) Case, ammunition magazine, black leather. (6) Case, first aid, black leather.
(7) Case, handcuffs, black leather.
(8) Club, policeman’s, with leather thong.
(9) Duty jacket.
(10) Gloves, white cotton.
(11) Flashlight.
(12) Flashlight, carrier ring.
(13) Handcuffs, ratchet type, double lock.
(14) Hat, service, with cover, female; cap, service, white, MP, male. (15) Helmet liner, MP.
(16) Holster, black leather.
(17) Lanyard, pistol, olive-drab (OD) nylon cord.
(18) Lanyard, pistol, white nylon cord.
(19) Whistle, patrolman, brass.
(20) Whistle, patrolman, OD.
c. How worn. The articles listed in b, above, are authorized for wear with the class A, B, and utility uniforms by MP
personnel, while performing MP duties. When wearing combat boots with service uniform trousers or slacks, personnel will blouse the trousers or slacks. Wear of the Military Police badge is determined by local policy. The Military Police badge is not authorized for wear on the utility uniforms, but it may be worn suspended from a fob device on the class B uniform (see figs 27–12 and 27–13).