Army Green Service Uniform—Female


a. The mandatory date for possession of the materials described in paragraph 16–5b, below, is extended until 1 Oct 2003. Until that time, females are authorized to wear the green service uniform components in AG shades 344 (poly/ wool) and 434 (polyester).
b. Coat, slacks, and skirt. The coat, slacks, and skirt will be made of the same material and shade.
(1) Polyester/wool serge, 11.8 ounce (standard-issue fabric), AG shade 489.
(2) Polyester/wool gabardine, 10.6 ounce (optional purchase fabric), AG shade 489.
(3) Texturized woven polyester, 10.1 ounce (optional purchase fabric), AG shade 491.
(4) Polyester/wool elastique, 16.0 ounce (optional purchase fabric), AG shade 489.
c. Headgear.
(1) Beret (para 3–2b(1)).
(2) Garrison cap, female personnel. The material may be any of the materials listed for the coat, slacks, and skirt in
paragraph 16–5a, above.