Army Blue Mess and Evening Mess Uniforms—Male

Items normally worn with the Army blue mess and evening mess uniforms

a. Accessories.
(1) Buttons (para 27–4).
(2) Cape (officers only) (para 27–6c).
(3) Coat, black, all-weather (para 27–8).
(4) Cuff links and studs.
(a) Gold (blue mess only) (para 27–10b(2)).
(b) White (blue evening mess only) (para 27–10b(1)).
(5) Gloves.
(a) Black, leather, unisex, dress (only when the black all-weather coat is worn) (para 27–12b). (b) White, dress (para 27–12c).
(6) Headgear.
(a) Cap, service, blue (para 20–8).
(b) Cap, cold weather, AG 489 (para 27–5).
(7) Neckties.
(a) Black, bow (blue mess only) (para 27–19a).
(b) White, bow (blue evening mess only) (para 27–19b).
(8) Scarf, black (para 27–21a)
(9) Shirts, white.
(a) Semiformal, dress (para 27–22d).
(b) Formal (para 27–22e).
(10) Shoes, oxford, black (para 27–23c).
(11) Socks, black (para 27–24b).
(12) Suspenders (para 27–25).
(13) Undergarments, white (para 27–28).
b. Insignia, awards, badges, and accouterments worn on the Army blue mess and evening mess uniforms.
(1) Aiguillette, dress (officers only) (para 28–26).
(2) Insignia.
(a) Branch insignia (paras 28–10 and 28–12a). Officers wear branch insignia as prescribed in para 24–5e(1) and (3). (b) Grade insignia (paras 28–5 through 28–8). Officers wear grade insignia as prescribed in para 24–5e(1) and (2). (c) Regimental distinctive insignia (para 28–23).
(d) Headgear insignia, cap, service, white (para 28–3c).
(3) Service stripes (enlisted personnel only) (para 28–27).
(4) Decorations and service medals, miniature (para 29–9).
(5) U.S. badges (combat and special skill, dress miniature, and identification) (paras 29–17c and 29–18c).