Wear of Insignia and Accouterments

Insignia for warrant officer candidates

a. Description. The non-subdued warrant officer candidate insignia consists of the block letters “W.O.C.” in gold- colored metal, 7/16 inch in height, with each letter followed by a period. The subdued insignia is the same design as above, except it is black (see fig 28–133).
b. How worn.
(1) Non-subdued insignia. Warrant officer candidates wear their insignia as follows.
(a) On service and dress uniform coats, candidates wear their insignia on both collars, in the same manner as
described in para 28–14.
(b) On the garrison cap, candidates wear the insignia centered on the left curtain, 1 inch from the front crease.
Headgear insignia for other service hats and caps are the same as prescribed for enlisted personnel (see para 28–3 and fig 28–130).
(c) On the helmet liner, candidates wear the W.O.C. decal painted on the front of the liner, in a prescribed color and size, 21⁄2 inches from the bottom rim of the liner (see fig 28–131).
(2) Subdued insignia. Candidates wear subdued W.O.C. insignia on all utility shirts and cold-weather jackets in the same manner as the non-subdued insignia worn on shirt collars, as described above.
c. When worn. All active component (AC) personnel wear the insignia beginning on date of entry into the resident warrant officer entry course; all reserve component (RC) personnel wear the insignia beginning on date of board selection to enter WOC status. Both AC and RC WOC personnel will wear the insignia until appointed to the WO category, or eliminated from WOC status.