Army Blue Uniform—Male

General guidelines

a. General fitting instructions for this uniform are provided in chapter 1 of this regulation. Suspenders are authorized for wear with this uniform. Personnel may wear optional purchase gold or gold-colored cuff links and studs with this uniform at social functions. The black scarf and black leather dress gloves are authorized for wear with the black all- weather coat. Soldiers may wear white gloves with the basic uniform. When weather conditions warrant, the AG 489 cold-weather cap is authorized for wear with the black all-weather coat or the cape. Black oxford shoes with black socks are the only authorized footwear for this uniform. (See para 28–10e for information on color ornamentation and branch insignia for detailed officers.)
b. Enlisted personnel assigned to units authorized by CTA 50–900 to wear the Army blue uniform as an organiza- tional uniform, such as table of organization and equipment (TOE) bands, selected honor guards, and other ceremonial units, may wear distinctive unit insignia (DUI), military police accessories, and other items authorized by CTA 50–900, when prescribed by the commander.