Army Green Service Uniform—Female

General guidelines

a. The Army green service uniforms are intended for wear during most duty, non-field, or utility occasions, and for travel and off-duty purposes. While both the class A and B uniforms are authorized for year-round wear, the appropriate uniform is worn based on weather conditions, duties, and the formality of the occasion. When a specific service uniform is not prescribed for formations or other occasions when uniformity in appearance is not required, soldiers may wear the class A or any of the variations of the class B uniform, with the accessories authorized for these uniforms.
b. Soldiers will not wear those awards and decorations on the AG shade 415 shirt that they cannot wear properly because of size or configuration. Commanders will not require the wear of optional items, such as windbreakers or sweaters, unless such items are provided to the soldier without cost.
c. Soldiers may purchase and wear the Army green service uniform in any of the authorized fabrics listed in paragraph 16–5. However, individuals who purchase uniforms or uniform items from commercial sources are responsi- ble for ensuring that the items conform to military specifications, or are manufactured in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the uniform quality control program (see chapter 2 for details). Only those alterations authorized by AR 700–84 and TM 10–227 are authorized. General fitting instructions for these uniforms are provided in chapter 1 of this regulation.
d. When soldiers wear these uniforms with the tuck-in version of the shirt, they will tuck the shirt into the slacks or skirt. When tucked into the slacks, the shirt edge is aligned with the front fly opening, so the outside edge of the belt buckle forms a straight “gig line.” The overblouse version of the shirt is worn outside the slacks or skirt. Only soldiers authorized to wear the tan, green, or maroon berets, those assigned to Air Assault coded positions, and MPs performing MP duties may wear bloused slacks with black leather combat boots.