Physical Fitness Uniform

General guidelines

a. Soldiers may not mix or match PFU and IPFU items. When soldiers wear either the PFU or IPFU as a complete uniform, they will keep the sleeves down on the sweatshirt or jacket, the legs down on the pants, and they will tuck the T-shirt inside the trunks. Soldiers may not roll or push up the sleeves of the PFU sweatshirt or the IPFU jacket. Soldiers may wear the sleeves of the PFU sweatshirt cuffed or uncuffed; they may not cuff the IPFU jacket sleeves. Soldiers will wear the black knit cap pulled down snugly on the head, with the bottom edge of the cap folded up; soldiers will not roll the edge of the cap. A similar, commercially designed black knit cap is authorized for wear. There are no restrictions on the combination of IPFU items worn, unless the commander has prescribed a particular combination for formation. Standards of wear and appearance specified in paragraphs 1–7 and 1–8 of this regulation apply at all times.
b. The PFU and the IPFU are clothing bag items. Each element of the PFU and IPFU is identified with a national stock number (NSN) and a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) contract number printed on a label and sewn into the garment. If the label does not contain this information, the garment is not the authorized garment.
c. Commanders should expect both uniforms (PFU and IPFU) in their formations until all soldiers acquire the IPFU by the mandatory possession date.
d. Pregnant soldiers will wear the PFU or IPFU until the uniform becomes too small or uncomfortable. Pregnant soldiers are authorized to wear the T-shirt outside the trunks. At no time will commanders require pregnant soldiers to purchase a larger PFU or IPFU in order to accommodate the pregnancy. When the uniform becomes too small or uncomfortable, pregnant soldiers may wear equivalent civilian workout clothes.