Combat Vehicle Crewman Uniform

General guidelines

a. Basic uniform. When issued, all combat vehicle crewmen wear the CVC uniform whenever they are operating their vehicles. Alterations to the uniform are not authorized. The black leather combat boot is the authorized footwear for wear with the CVC uniform. Soldiers will not tuck the uniform into the boots. The only outer garment authorized for wear with the CVC uniform is the cold-weather jacket. The black beret became the basic headgear for this uniform on 14 June 2001. The beret will be worn when the CVC helmet is not worn, unless the commander has prescribed wear of the patrol cap, as described in chapter 3 of this regulation. (See para 3–5 for wear policy of the beret and the patrol cap.)
b. Wear of insignia.
(1) The U.S. Army tape is worn horizontal to the ground, approximately 1⁄2 inch up from the outside zipper seam on the left breast. The nametape is worn on the right side, in line with the U.S. Army tape. The subdued sew-on grade insignia is worn centered 1⁄4 inch above the nametape.
(2) On the cold-weather jacket, the nametape and U.S. Army tape are worn horizontal to the ground, approximately 11⁄2 inches above the top of the pocket flaps.
(3) Commanders will provide, and have attached, the subdued sew-on grade insignia, nametape, U.S. Army tape, and shoulder sleeve insignia, without cost to enlisted personnel.
c. Commanders may authorize the use of a camouflage personal hydration system only in the following situations: in a field environment, in high-heat areas, or on work details. Soldiers will not carry hydration systems in a garrison environment, unless the commander has authorized it for one of the situations described above. Soldiers will not let the drinking tube hang from their mouths when the device is not in use.
d. Figures 13–1 and 13–2 show the basic uniform and the cold-weather jacket.