Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1

a. Consistent with controlling law and regulation, the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 (DCS, G-1) has the authority to approve exceptions to this regulation. The DCS, G-1 may delegate this authority in writing to a division chief within the proponent agency who holds the grade of colonel or the civilian equivalent. The approval authority will coordinate all questions regarding the scope of authority to approve exceptions with HQDA, OTJAG, ATTN: DAJA–AL, Washington, DC 20310–2200.
b. The DCS, G-1 will develop and monitor the following Army policies:
(1) Standards of personal appearance.
(2) The standards for the wear of utility, service, dress, and mess uniforms and for the accessories, awards and
decorations, accouterments, insignia, and other heraldic items worn with all authorized uniforms.
c. The DCS, G-1 will do the following:
(1) Function as a member of the Army Uniform Board
(2) Coordinate with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) and the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, as
required in order to incorporate uniform changes or additions to this regulation.