Hospital Duty Uniform—Male

Composition and classification

a. Material composition. The fabric is white, durable-press cotton and polyester.
b. Uniform composition. The male hospital duty uniform normally comprises the items listed below. However, the medical facility commander may authorize variations to this uniform, using clothing items listed in CTA 50–900 and CTA 8–100.
(1) Smock, men’s, medical assistant’s. The smock is short-sleeved with a left breast pocket, a front button closure, and a straight-cut bottom.
(2) Smock, physician’s white. The smock is knee-length with a front button closure, and upper and lower pockets.
(3) Trousers, men’s, medical assistant’s. The trousers have four pockets (two slash pockets in front, and two patch pockets in back), with a button closure on the left side, a front zipper closure, and belt loops.
c. Accessories. The following accessories are normally worn with the male hospital duty uniform. (1) Belt, web, with open-faced black buckle (paras 27–2a and b).
(2) Coats.
(a) Black, all weather (para 27–8).
(b) Coat, cold weather, woodland camouflage pattern (BDU field jacket) (para 3–2b(3)). (3) Gloves, black leather shell with inserts (para 27–12a).
(4) Headgear.
(a) Beret (para 3–2b(1)).
(b) Cap, service, cold weather, AG 489 (only with the black all-weather coat) (para 27–5). (5) Scarves.
(a) Black (with black overcoat only)(para 27–21a).
(b) Olive-green 208 (with field jacket only) (para 27–21b).
(6) Shoes.
(a) Oxford, black (para 27–23c).
(b) Oxford, white (para 27–23e).
(7) Socks.
(a) Black, dress (para 27–24b).
(b) White (para 27–24c).
(8) Sweater, white unisex cardigan (para 27–26b).
(9) Undergarments (para 27–28).
(10) Undershirt, white (para 27–28f).
(11) Windbreaker, black (para 27–30).
(12) Organizational clothing and equipment, as determined by the medical facility commander for wear within the
medical treatment facility, according to CTA 50–900 or CTA 8–100.
d. Classification. The hospital duty uniform is an organizational issue utility uniform. The beret is an organizational
issue item. DA Pam 710–2–1 governs turn-in and reissue of the beret.