Combat Vehicle Crewman Uniform

Composition and classification

a. Material composition. The fabric is high-temperature resistant, anti-static treated, non-melting aramid blend, plain weave, OG-106 and tan 380 in color.
b. Uniform composition.
(1) Coverall. The coverall is a one-piece design that has a front entry zippered closure, a drop seat, an extraction strap located at the upper back, and pockets located on the left sleeve, chest, right and left sides, right-left front hips, right-left upper thigh, and right-left lower legs. All pockets have slide-fastener closures. This is the only component produced in the tan 380, but it may be worn with OG-106 components.
(2) Jacket, cold weather. The jacket is single-breasted with a front slide-fastener closure, and an inside protective flap. The back has a yoke-and-retrieval strap opening with a hook-and-pile closure. The left sleeve has a utility and pencil pocket, and the sleeves have elbow patches. The cuffs and waistband are rib knit. The jacket is fully lined with quilted, flame-resistant batting material. (See fig 13–2.)
c. Accessories. The following accessories are normally worn with these uniforms. (1) Balaclava hood, CVC, LIN H46881, CTA 50–900.
(2) Bib, overalls, LIN P37820.
(3) Body armor, ballistic undergarment, LIN 80592N.
(4) Boots, combat, leather, black (para 27–3). (5) Gloves, CVC, cold weather, LIN C67081. (6) Gloves, CVC, summer, LIN G70780.
(7) Headgear.
(a) Beret (para 3–2b(1)).
(b) Cap, patrol (formerly BDU) (para 3–2b(2)).
(c) Helmet, CVC.
(8) Socks, black, cushion sole (para 27–24a).
(9) Undergarments (para 27–28).
(10) Undershirt, brown (para 27–28e).
(11) Organizational clothing and equipment, as determined by the commander, in accordance with CTA 50–900.
d. Classification. The CVC uniform is an organizational issue uniform. The beret is an organizational issue item. DA Pam 710–2–1 governs turn-in and reissue of the beret.