Food Service and Maternity Uniforms—Female

Composition and classification

a. Material composition.
(1) White, cotton and polyester, durable press.
(2) Black, polyester, durable press.
b. Uniform composition.
(1) The female food service uniform comprises the following items (see chap 9).
(a) Dress, women’s, hospital duty, white.
(b) Uniform, tunic and pants, women’s, hospital duty, white.
(c) Dress, maternity, white.
(d) Slacks and tunic, maternity, white.
(e) Pantsuit, women’s, cotton/polyester, white.
(2) The garrison food service supervisor uniform comprises the following items.
(a) Blouse, women’s, food service, white. Commercial, short-sleeved blouse with a front button closure (local
procurement according to CTA 50–900).
(b) Skirt, women’s food service, black (local procurement according to CTA 50–900).
(c) Slacks, women’s, food service, black (local procurement according to CTA 50–900).
c. Accessories. The following accessories are normally worn with the food service utility uniforms.
(1) Coats.
(a) Black, all weather (para 27–8).
(b) Coat, cold weather, woodland camouflage pattern (BDU field jacket) (para 3–2b(3)).
(2) Footwear.
(a) Boots, combat, leather, black (para 27–3).
(b) Shoes, oxford, black (para 27–23a).
(3) Gloves.
(a) Black leather shell, with inserts (para 27–12a).
(b) Black, leather, dress, unisex (para 27–12b).
(4) Handbags.
(a) Black, clutch type, optional purchase (para 27–13a).
(b) Black, shoulder (27–13d).
(5) Headgear.
(a) Beret (para 3–2b(1)).
(b) Cap, service, cold weather, AG 489 (only with the black all-weather coat) (para 27–5).
(6) Scarves.
(a) Black (only with the black overcoat) (para 27–21a).
(b) Olive-green 208 (only with the field jacket) (para 27–21b).
(7) Socks.
(a) Black, cushion sole (para 27–24a).
(b) Black, dress (para 27–24b).
(8) Stockings, sheer (para 27–24d).
(9) Sweater, black unisex cardigan and black pullover (paras 27–26a and c) (only with the food service supervisor
(10) Sweater, white unisex cardigan (para 27–26b) (only with the food service utility uniform).
(11) Undergarments (para 27–28).
(12) Windbreaker (para 27–30).
(13) Smock, food inspector’s, and other organizational clothing and equipment, as determined by the commander,
according to CTA 50–900 and CTA 50–970.
d. Classification. The food service utility and food service supervisor uniforms are organizationally issued utility
uniforms. However, soldiers retain these uniforms for as long as they are assigned to food service duties. The beret is an organizational issue item. DA Pam 710–2–1 governs turn-in and reissue of the beret.