Army Blue Uniform—Male

Coat, Army blue

a. Design. The coat will be made from an approved specification or pattern.
b. General description. The Army blue coat is a single-breasted, peak-lapel, four-button coat extending below the crotch, fitting easily over the chest and shoulders, with a slight draped effect in front and back. The coat is fitted slightly at the waist, conforming to the body shape without tightness and with no prominent flare.
c. Shoulder buttons.
(1) Officers authorized to wear an aiguillette will attach a 20-ligne button on the left or right outside shoulder seam of the Army blue coat, depending upon the position in which the aiguillette is worn.
(2) Officers authorized to wear a fourragere will attach a 20-ligne button on the left shoulder seam, 1⁄2 inch outside the collar edge.
d. Shoulder ornamentation and insignia.
(1) Shoulder straps for officers. (See para 28–8b for ornamentation and insignia.)
(2) Shoulder loops for enlisted personnel.
(a) A shoulder loop of the same material as the coat is used and attached on each shoulder.
(b) The loop is 21⁄2 inches wide at the outside shoulder edge, 11⁄2 inches wide at the inside collar edge, and piped all
around with gold-colored nylon or rayon cord edge braid, 1⁄8 inch wide. The braid is inserted in the joining seams so it is completely visible around each loop. The loop is sewn on the outside shoulder seam and extends to a point approximately 1⁄2 inch from the inside collar seam. The loop has a buttonhole 3⁄8 inch from the inside edge of the braid, which is buttoned to the shoulder with a 25-ligne button.
e. Coat sleeve ornamentation. Ornamental braid is worn on both sleeves of the Army blue coat. Gold bullion, synthetic metallic gold, or gold-colored nylon or rayon braid is authorized for officers. Gold-colored nylon or rayon braid is authorized for enlisted personnel. The braid on the trouser legs and the coat sleeve will be of the same material. The bottom of the braid is positioned parallel to, and 3 inches above the bottom of each sleeve as follows.
(1) General officers have one 11⁄2 inch gold braid on each sleeve.
(2) For all other officers, each sleeve has a 3⁄4-inch braid consisting of two, 1⁄4-inch gold braids placed 1⁄4 inch apart on silk material, of the first-named color of their basic branch.
(3) Enlisted personnel have a 1⁄8-inch soutache braid of gold-colored nylon or rayon on each sleeve.