Uniform Accessories

Cap, cold weather, AG shade 489

a. Type. The cold-weather cap is an optional purchase item.
b. Description. The cap is made of AG shade 489 fabric with a black synthetic fur visor and side flaps. Snap fasteners are attached to hold the visor and flaps in the up position. An eyelet in the center of the front visor is provided to center and attach headgear insignia. Because of the thickness of the fur pile, headgear insignia worn on the cap must have a center post and screw. Therefore, all soldiers will wear the male headgear insignia on the cold-weather cap (see para 28–3 and fig 27–5).
c. How worn. The cap is worn straight on the head so that the headgear insignia is centered on the forehead. No hair will be visible on the forehead. The side flaps are fastened under the chin when the flaps are worn down. The cap is authorized for wear when wearing the black windbreaker with the class B uniform and with the black all-weather coat with service, dress, mess, hospital duty, and food service uniforms. It is not authorized for wear when the black pullover or cardigan sweaters are worn as outer garments with the class B uniform.