Army White Uniform—Female

Authorization for wear

a. The Army white uniform is authorized for wear by all female personnel as an optional dress uniform. Personnel normally wear this uniform from April to October, except in clothing zones I and II where they may wear it year-round (see CTA 50–900). (See fig 19–1 for the Army white uniform, female.)
b. There are two versions of the Army white coat that officer and enlisted females may wear. The older version was designed prior to 10 August 1992 and is described in paragraph 19–5b(1), below. The military specification for the Army white coat was changed on 10 August 1992 to the same pattern as the Army green coat. The new version is described in paragraph 19–5b(2), below. Soldiers may continue to wear the older version of the coat (with rounded collars) as long as the uniform is in serviceable condition.