Army Green Service Uniform—Female

Authorization for wear

The class A and B Army green uniforms are authorized for year-round wear by all female personnel. The class A service uniform is an optional dress uniform for all female enlisted personnel when worn with the skirt, a white shirt, and the neck tab. The Army green dress uniform, with white shirt and neck tab, is equivalent to the Army blue and white uniforms. (For the Army green uniform with slacks, officer, see fig 16–1; for the garrison cap, officer, see fig 16–2; for the beret, officer, see fig 16–3; for the beret, enlisted, see fig 16–4; for the Army green uniform with skirt, enlisted, see fig 16–5; for the garrison cap, enlisted, see fig 16–6; and for the class B variations of the Army green uniform, female, see fig 16–7.)