Wear of Insignia and Accouterments

Aiguillette, service

a. Description. The service aiguillette is a one-piece braided gold, gold-colored nylon, or synthetic metallic gold- colored cord, 3/16 inch in diameter, and 301⁄2 inches in length, with each end equipped with a hook, and one end equipped with an eye. The front part of the aiguillette is 81⁄2 inches in length and consists of 11⁄2 inches of cord equipped with a hook, a knot 13⁄4 inches in length, a cord 2 inches in length, and a 3-inch ferrule.
b. How worn. The military aide to the President, White House social aides while on duty with the First Family, and officers designated as aides to foreign heads of state wear the service aiguillette on the right side of the uniform. All other aides wear aiguillettes on the left side. The cord is placed under the arm with the hook engaging the eyes on each side of the appropriate shoulder loop. The end equipped with the eye is worn to the front. The hook of the front part of the aiguillette is engaged in the eye of the cord (see fig 28–145).
c. By whom worn. Army attachés, assistant Army attachés, and aides wear the service aiguillette on the Army green, blue, and white uniforms when they are worn for informal occasions. Males will wear the four-in-hand necktie with the uniform when wearing the service aiguillette. When personnel wear the black all-weather coat, they may wear the service aiguillette on the outside of the garment. The aiguillette is worn only when personnel are performing duties as aides.